Rick Ross - Just In Case (Feat. Rocko) Lyrics:
[Verse 1: Rocko]

Your bitch playin dumb acting like we don't know each other
Bought some rubbers, just in case I wanna f**k her
Yeah mother f**ker
Quarter mil retain a lawyer
Just in case I get in some trouble
All I do is wobble
Make my money double
Everyday trying to pass em out tryin to score a triple double (believe me)
Me and jump shot should have went pro ball
Always say go just in case I don’t go and I’m gonna be mad
I’m gonna get up off my ass
Focus up on that cash
Just in case a case come my way
They say erray dog gonna have thay day
(And look at me look at me)
Everyday a different state
Still keep five hundred case dats the way just in case

[Hook: Rocko]

I got a pocket full hundreds Just in case I wanna shop
Supercharge my car
Just in case I see the cops (errrr)
Stuff a bag full of cash just in cast I wanna gamble
Just in case these ni**as wanna play
Know I got my hammer
Just in case my jeweler call I'mma have that pack ready
Just in case my plug call I'mma have that sack ready
A couple mils thats the way thats that lord have mercy cake
Hope I never have to use it still I got it just in case (what's goin on)

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]

My cubans keep calling
I Might have me a balance
Look at the square feet
Might call it a palace
She’s selling pussy
She calls herself employed
Scared to ride in my Lamborghini cause she paranoid
Eight stacks that will get your dome peeled
Eight Stacks thats a ni**a phone bill
Straight sack all my ni**as gonna deal
F**kin with real ni**as or ya sign the wrong deal
Ridin clean but its been a rocky road
The birds clean so we got a lock and load
We gettin money never mind the occupation
But just in case I got employed with all my Hatians


[Verse 3: Rocko]

They say my lil partners snitchin I say get out my face
I, it once we put one em down
Just in case
Hey, what can I say? I got to be safe
Just in case it true I did what I had to do
Just in case my labor triple I got to reserve a safe
I keep that plug on standby
Just in case
In case there is no tomorrow I'mma stack it all today
Just in case it dry
I can stand a rainy day
I aim for the moon while Im riding in my saturn
Just it case it high, we a'int standin hot
500 case that the way lord have mercy mind me
Emergency cake just in case


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